About Us

Presents and SEO Services

Need really effective SEO services? I offer you SEO services at the top and a real follow-up of SEO guaranteeing you the control of the results obtained.

SEO audit

Indispensable if no technical audit has been carried out before. It identifies on-site factors that can slow down your performance on Google and search engines, and makes it easier to make decisions about SEO (Code Optimization) solutions to adopt.

In addition to the technical part of your SEO audit, it also integrates the entire marketing dimension of natural referencing and provides a component dedicated to your editorial strategy.

SEO Copywriting

Content is an inseparable dimension of SEO, but above all play a key role in optimizing your conversions. My SEO Copywriting services are designed to improve the visibility of your web pages while ensuring maximum efficiency for your visitors.

Netlinking Services

Unless your website is able to receive spontaneous links from other websites, acquiring backlinks, (netlinking or link building) is absolutely necessary to get your web pages up in the Google results pages.

Through my netlinking services, I propose to popularize it and bring the necessary authority to your site to climb the ranking of search results.

To learn more and determine how we can intervene to improve the performance of your own website, do not hesitate to contact us for a free interview without commitment.