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Repurpose old blog content by putting tips on social media to improve traffic and shares

I’ve been blogging monthly since 2015, and over this time I’ve built up about 60 articles with tips and strategies for SEO and small business website presence. But not many people see my older blog posts. So, this summer I decided to try to get some mileage out of the older, still relevant articles by doing some content link building.

By and large, I don’t complete a considerable measure of third-party referencing as substance creation is presently the favored method to enhance site permeability. But since I compose numerous articles brimming with helpful hints, I chose to impart these tips to my web-based life associations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

This approach achieves a few objectives:

Enhance social signs to blog content for Google look calculations

Enhance permeability of old blog content that is as yet applicable

Expands movement and offers to my blog

How social movement and offers to my old blog entries expanded

I need to impart a few information to you for the initial 2 months of this internet based life third party referencing when contrasted with the earlier 2 months. For this reason, I simply needed to take a gander at two things:

# of visits to my blog by means of web-based life joins from HootSuite

# of offers through AddThis

This is the thing that I found:

The quantity of visits from HootSuite joins quadrupled

The # of offers through AddThis went up around five times

I was astounded at these numbers as the visits and the AddThis social sharing had been level for a considerable length of time.

Not every person will accomplish these same outcomes as it is a quite restricted time span and not a controlled test, but rather it is something to think about while considering content external link establishment thoughts.

Instructions to repurpose old blog content via web-based networking media

What did I do to get a bundle of tips from old blog entries on to web based life? Here’s my 3 stage approach:

Make a spreadsheet with two sections:

Tip and URL

Have somebody physically read through your blog and fill in the spreadsheet with tips

Post tips to web-based social networking two times every day


In the main section, you will put a Tip that can fill in as a tweet. Thus, it must be not exactly around 120 characters to take into consideration a conceivable URL.

In the second section, you will put the full blog entry URL which connects to the post where the tip originated from.

You can include a discretionary third segment for abbreviated URLs, which I prescribe in the event that you will utilize Twitter as one of your internet based life sites. In the event that you utilize a device like HootSuite for presenting via web-based networking media, they will consequently abbreviate the URLs for you which implies you needn’t bother with this segment.


This procedure is work serious as you do need to think of Tips that are independent. That is, the Tip itself bodes well via web-based networking media if individuals read it outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand. Individuals can simply get more subtle elements on the Tip by tapping the connection in the web-based life refresh.

What I did to get the tips for 60 articles, was to enlist a virtual aide to peruse the blog and make the tips spreadsheet. On the off chance that you have an understudy helpful or a secretary with time staring them in the face, at that point this may be an extraordinary errand for them to handle.

Another thought is to mark your Tips. I chose to add a prefix to each tip to distinguish it further: “Your SEO Tip:” Keep as the main priority that the prefix uses up a portion of the characters for Twitter.

After the Tips spreadsheet is assembled, survey it for precision. As you compose new blog entries, occasionally make another tips spreadsheet.


The subsequent stage is to get your tweets and Facebook announcements out there. You can physically do this consistently or utilize a computerized benefit like HootSuite Pro’s mass uploader.

Since I’m a solopreneur, I chose to go the robotized course. Yet, in the event that you have a secretary, virtual right hand, or internet based life master, they may deal with the manual posting obligations.

*** Remember to incorporate the URL connects back to your blog entries in every web-based social networking refresh. ***

I mass transferred presents on HootSuite so they show up via web-based networking media two times every day on weekdays as it were. I utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

You can pick whatever long periods of week, times, and online networking destinations that bode well for your business.

With my spreadsheet of more than 500 Tips, I have enough tips to share via web-based networking media for a year utilizing this approach!

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