Dealing with Personalized Search Results

Recently Google has implemented the policy that they will show the search results based on your previous search history. The page you have visited in past will show up on first page. In terms of SEO this thing is little disturbing, because it is not going to show you the exact results.

Google is just showing personalized search results that’s what they call it. Now how to deal to deal with Google personalized search results, mostly people don’t know because now Google has turned it on by default. You can make this feature off simply to view the accurate results of your keywords in Google.

Now you can see when you search for some specific keyword in Google, it shows different results and at the top right there is an option Web History. Click on that option underlined by red mark. Currently the personalized results are turned on and Google is showing the results based on your previous search history.

Now you can see there is an option Disable customization based on search activity. Click on it to turn off the personalized search results. Go back to Google and search again, you will see now there are different results. You can also turn it off without logging into your account. If you still did not show actual results, try to clear your cache and cookies. This will help in getting the exact results and rankings in search engines. Google stores a cookie in your browser to get these customized results; you can disable this option to get SEO advantage.

If you haven’t turned this option off, then your SEO campaign might not be accurate. Keep this SEO tip to get better search results and view the exact rankings.

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