How to Optimize Blog or Website

The requirement for streamlining of blog or site is expanding step by step, as the opposition expanding web search tools favor those site which are enhanced. It doesn’t mean just site improvement, with Google new arrangement of positioning a site with stacking time matters in web indexes. Advancing a site or blog implies you are cleaning your site to influence it to look appealing to guests and web indexes.

Use only White Hat SEO

It is mentioned so many times by lot of people that use white hat SEO, sometimes people does not know they are doing White Hat SEO or not. If you hire or start doing SEO, make sure you follow the Google guidelines or your website/blog gets penalized by Google.

There are so many newbie’s and web developers who do not know what exactly white hat SEO is, before you plan to optimize your website make sure you have made list of things to do and ask the experts in forums. When I say experts it does not mean every other person in a forum, you will get lot of people answering your questions. The first step starts from deign of your website, properly used HTML and CSS to optimize your website is very helpful.

Then look for the niche you are serving, choose proper keywords in title and description meta tags and do not make them more than 66 characters long. And do not use all keywords in title, use just primary and secondary keywords. If you are planning to hire the SEO Services always interview and ask many questions related to white hat SEO.

Optimize Website to Load Faster

Recently Google has implemented that they will give weightage to those websites and blogs which loads faster. They want to make browsing as fast as like turning the pages of magazine. If your website is taking up to 5 seconds then it does not make any affect but it takes to long to load than Google will think about it.

People do not like to wait for the website or blog to load up slowly, they prefer fast loading websites. If you are looking for regular visitors and more traffic try to optimize your website to load up fast. There are number of reasons that makes your website slow, avoid using the GIF, PNG images. If you use JPG images and resize them according to the website, it will load up faster rather than a big sized image.

Use of images on Blog makes your blog attractive and it is necessary to use images, but always use small images. Always specify the dimensions (height and width) of images. Another reason that makes a website slow is use of java script in websites; these days’ people use java scripts to place advertisements from different networks. When browser sent a request to visit your website it also makes a request to third party website which is providing java script.

It makes the website or blog slower, try to compress java script and avoid using java script codes and files again and again codes and files. I have made few changes in blog to speed up the blog by removing flash and java scripts files, now the load time is improved.

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