Optimize your Meta Description Tag for SEO

Writing a description of your blog post, landing page or web page content for search engines

The meta description of a web page is a behind the scenes summary of what your page is about. When you optimize your meta description tag for a web page, click-through rates of your search results can improve. This is because the description meta tag is often used by Google and other search engines in search results pages.

The meta description is a short description of your online written piece. Think of it as a one or two sentence summary or abstract.

Visitors to your website don’t see the meta description on the web pages they visit. The meta description is placed in the head section of the HTML code behind the scenes using the format:

<meta name=”description” content=”put meta description here” />

Tips to optimize your meta description tag

  • Keep the meta description around 150 characters or so as search engines will ignore any text after that point.
  • Use your focus keyword phrase near the beginning of your meta description.
  • Create descriptions that accurately describe the content you are writing.
  • Treat the meta description both as a summary of the page content and as a mini-commercial that grabs the searcher’s attention and gets them to click on your link.
  • Meta descriptions should be unique for each page on a website. Using the same canned text on every page will not be as effective, because you are not describing the page content clearly for search engines or web searchers.
  • Remember to include geographic locations if it makes sense for your content.
  • Don’t stuff a bunch of comma separated keywords into the meta description. Search engines tend to ignore this.

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